Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The countdown Begins . . .

The wheels are in motion again, the minds abuzz with crazy ideas and we have put our heads together, yet again, to bring our readers the most interesting, chatpati, classic salted stories- with extra toppings of spice and fun! Now again comes the rush of meeting almost impossible deadlines, the last minute changes, the untainted excitement and the binges of adrenaline rushes we get hour-by-hour! 
With lots of 'OhMyGod's and 'Oh shit's, we spend each passing moment in a frenzy of multi-tasking. 
And of course, we have some very reliable companions throughout- some of them being endless cups of coffee and stealing snippets of gossip from all around us while "working"..!
However, working for the magazine, for us, has never been 'work' in the sense most of us understand this much-hated word! - It is an experience, or more aptly- a journey we await every  month- without really bothering about the 'destination', our journey is what we cherish the most.
And the most crucial are the last 10 days of excitement before the deadline.
so, to share our addictive journey, we plan to share these last 10 days with everyone. Another 'mean' reason for this ( ofcourse there has to be- me and Monisha being 2 extremely selfish people) is that we long to cherish this experience for ever.

Some people get high on Alcohol, some on drugs and some are simply high on life- but we- we are high on "RISE" .

So, let the countdown begin . . .


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